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Generic Nizagara 50mg is an excellent medicinal product aimed at the complete elimination of erectile dysfunction, manifested to varying degrees, and providing a natural response to sexual arousal. This is a complete synonym for the well-known branded medicine for men, which has the same active substance and is manufactured according to the technology corresponding to the original. Description and composition of the preparation Tablets for men Nizagara 50mg can be bought in our online pharmacy, as a therapeutic basis contain sildenafil citrate in the maximum therapeutic dose of 50mg mg. To reduce the risk of adverse side reactions, auxiliary inactive substances are included in the formulation.

Benefits of the generic Nizagara 50mg 50mg

Undeniable advantages of the generic Nizagara 50mg:

  • has a mild effect, high quality and reliable therapeutic effect;
  • an erection is present only with natural stimulation and sexual arousal, and not spontaneously, and therefore does not interfere with the normal course of life;
  • the effect of the active component also extends to the aggravation of sensations in an intimate act;
  • the normalization of the blood supply to the reproductive organ eliminates stagnant phenomena, inflammatory processes, reducing the risk of developing male diseases, including prostatitis;

Indian generic, which can always be bought in Ukraine, in comparison with the original drug, Nizagara 50mg sildenafil is distinguished by a significantly low price, available to any man.

The mechanism of action of Nizagara 50mg

Sildenafil directly does not have a relaxing effect on the muscular tissues of the cavernous body of the penis, but significantly enhances the relaxing effect of nitric oxide and activates the blood flow in the area of the organ, which contributes to the rapid filling of erectile tissue with blood.


The generic works exactly the moment when the man reacts naturally to the sexual partner, experiencing agitation, and after the completion of the act of intimacy, the penis returns to the inactive state.


To achieve the stated result in achieving an erection, an individual dose of medication is taken 60 minutes before the expected sexual intercourse, washed down with boiled or bottled water.

Often to increase potency, experts advise to buy generic Nizagara 50mg for the purpose of episodic use. In other cases, sildenafil citrate is necessary, as the main therapeutic substance, for the full course of therapy of erectile dysfunction of different severity.

The maximum permissible single dose for a healthy man is 50mg per day. The average duration of the drug is 5 hours.


To get the most pronounced effect when taking a generic, on the day of application it is advisable to refrain from fatty foods and alcohol, so as not to reduce the rate of sildenafil absorption. Which is in the tablets of Nizagara 50mg.

Taking into account the received result and the tolerance of the drug, the dose is adjusted downwards – up to 50 mg and up to 25 mg (in people older than 65 years). To prevent negative reactions, it is forbidden to exceed the prescribed dose or frequency of application per day.

Buy generic Nizagara 50mg in the pharmacy Medko

Thanks to our online pharmacy, you can purchase Nizagara 50mg in Ukraine at any time at a comfortable price and familiarize yourself with the features of its application. Pharmacy in Kiev offers the opportunity to buy the drug at different costs and the number of tablets in the package. For 5, 10 or 20 pieces – for those who wish to get acquainted with the effect of the drug, and for 30, 50 or 50mg – for those who have already tried the effect of the pharmaceutical product. The sale of tablets is carried out by free courier delivery in Kiev and the region, by transport companies or by mail in Ukraine.

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