Nizagara review (Pfizer) There is substantial information about the drug MEDICINE . Beloved does not replace advice of your doctor’s doctor . Carefully read the data before it , as well as to carry out NIZAGARA REVIEW. Will wonder doctor or pharmacist in the case if to you what is – or is not clear , or you want to find out about Nizagara review more , than described in this guidance .


This drug is capable assist a greater number of boys , if the carry it so , as well as determined doctor . But DRUG – not with the goal of any . Beloved it is specialized for the purpose of use only by the representatives of the stronger sex with erectile nonfunctionality .


Nizagara review has never not obliged to carry out the stronger sex , what if – or get medications , including nitrates, in each version , including explosives . In case you take NIZAGARA REVIEW together with a different substance ,including nitrates, Your bloody effect capable of unexpectedly reduced until unsafe for the purpose of existence meanings .


The name of your medicinal substance is MEDICINE . CURE emit in embodiment azure , treated film layer tablets rhomboid shape , slightly biconvex with bombarded androunded edges , in a one side coated “Pfizer”, in particular – “VGR 50” or “VGR 100” in accordance with the content of heavy element .


The structure of the tablets includes : an intensive element : sildenafil (in the variant sildenafil citrate) FIFTY or 100 mg; additional elements : microcrystalline polymer , calcium phosphate ( dry), sodium croscarmellose, magnesium stearate, opadry azure film coating and Opadry colorless . Each container includes 1 blister , including 1 pill or 4 pills with a manual according to use . WHAT LIKE A MEDICINE ? Nizagara review – this pill , used for the purpose of curing erectile dysfunction ( impotence ) in representatives of the stronger sex . A beloved can help a larger number of men with erectile dysfunction achieve erection and restrain her presence of sexual arousal. The medicine belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic team “ Resources for the purpose of curing erectile dysfunction – phosphodiesterase inhibitors (PDE) -5”, ATX code : G04BE03.

Do you not will an erection, if You just take this product . CURE can help by men with erectile dysfunction achieve erection only if someone becomes erotically excited .


When a representative of the stronger sex erotically excited , krovushka acts in member more , than usually .With this member increases and becomes tougher . This provision is called an erection. Already after sexual activity, this excessive monthly inflow to the member stops . The excitement disappears . In the event that the excitation is continuous for a long period ( more than 6 hours), this provision can irreversibly spoil the Vashinsky member . For you need to immediately resort to the doctor , if in your excitement did not disappear in the stretch of a long phase of period ( best 4 times ).

Some diseases and the adoption of medication systems do not follow the procedure of natural appearance of erection. In these options, hemodynamics in the penis is small . For this reason, the representative of the stronger sex is not able to achieve absolute erection. If such a situation appears often and repeatedly , this is referred to as erectile dysfunction .

During the course of sexual activity, your soul functions stronger . For this reason, nations , having the task to heart , sexy dynamism not recommended . Before this , as well as to begin therapy for erectile dysfunction different way , will wonder your doctor , pretty unit perfectly your soul , to move the physiological load in between lessons sex. If you feel unwell because of the breastbone, nausea or lightheadedness in between lessons sex, you must stop them and immediately inform your doctor about these issues with the state of health , what have you there . WHAT ARE

THE MEDICINE USING FOR ? Nizagara review gives the probability Most of the stronger sex with erectile dysfunction to buy the natural response to sexual motivation. If the representative of the stronger sex is erotically agitated , the MEDICINE can help to improve the supply of the member , it allows him to be filled with blood at the required level in order to have an erection. Already after the end of the sexual action excitement disappears .

Nizagara review is contraindicated RECEPTION IF :

If you existed manifestations of hypersensitivity to Nizagara review, to everyone with its parts or a similar product .

If you take over that – or substances , including nitrates – permanently or presence needs – you never no way obliged to carry out Nizagara review. If you take NIZAGARA REVIEW with a different substance , including nitrates, your bloody influence can suddenly drop to threatening existence of meanings . You will be able to feel nausea , powerlessness , or even to know a sensitive fit or hemorrhage in the brain . Nitrates are found in many prescription substances , used for the purpose of curing angina ( unwell due to the sternum, coupled with mentally – -governmental disease ). These substances considered :

  • medication (inhalers, ointments, skin patches or paste, or pellets for the purpose fashion inwards , chewing or sucking in the mouth);
  • isosorbide mononitrate or isosorbide dinitrate ( pills for the purpose of the way inside , chewing or resorption in the mouth).

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