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Side effects can occur in convulsive syndrome, fainting, tachycardia, even nose bleeding in both men and women.

Scientists have conducted numerous experiments, which showed that many men heal faster wounds and scratches, although this is not proven. It reduces the risk of heart disease in a number of cases.

The active substance of the pills reduces the likelihood of blood clots, removes slags, restores nerves. It is planned to introduce the main active substances of blue tablets into other medicines, which will greatly facilitate the treatment of various diseases.

It is known that Nizagara pills is strictly contraindicated to those people who constantly take drugs against angina pectoris (its attacks). These are such drugs as Nitrosorbit, Isoket, Cardicet and other nitrates. After all, Nizagara pills has a slight hypotensive effect. Simultaneous consumption of tablets can greatly reduce blood pressure.

Nizagara pills Instruction

After a stroke, myocardial infarction should take more careful consideration of taking Nizagara pills. It is impossible to take blue diamond-shaped tablets five to six months after such shocks from the diseases that have passed.

Those men who have severe forms of arrhythmia are strictly forbidden Nizagara pills. The pressure is more than one hundred and sixty and less than ninety-five mm. gt; Art.

Now an analogue of this drug for women is being produced, but it affects libido more. To date, the preparation of Nizagara pills says a lot, but very few people know that there is also Nizagara pills for women. Demand for Nizagara pills is growing every day. According to numerous requests of female representatives this drug was released. Manufactured Nizagara pills for women in accordance with the nuances in the structure of the female body. The most common cause of problems with sexual activity is insufficient blood flow to the genitals, as well as pain in the genital area and inadequate release of lubricant.

The question of female frigidity is really very urgent. No sex toys and games can help such women. After all, the lack of orgasm associated with the violation of circulation of blood in the desired mode. Therefore, the use of classical Nizagara pills does not affect sexual desire in either women or men. But you can definitely say that the rush of blood to the pelvic organs strengthens the discharge, which suggests that the woman is ready to get excited and experience an orgasm. If a woman stops experiencing libido, then she needs to consult with her doctor-gynecologist and on his recommendation to start taking Nizagara pills for women.

In the female body, the use of this drug significantly increases the sex drive and the hormone testosterone in the blood, and also increases the sensitivity to stimulation. With the use of the drug in women, there are pleasant sensations in the vaginal area, and orgasm increases. Thanks to Nizagara pills for women, you can get the most pleasure from making love, despite the age.

At a menopause and a hysterectomy the given preparation is especially necessary in the age of till 50th years. The intake of Nizagara pills for women is usually recommended to start with one tablet. Significantly increase the effect of the use of tablets on an empty stomach. The action of Nizagara pills on average starts in about half an hour.

The effect lasts up to six hours. It is very important to take the drug correctly, guided by a prescription and strictly following the recommendations of a doctor. With an increase in the dose in the body, side effects can be provoked by the woman.

The main side effects include: dizziness, headache, a violation of the perception of colors and shades, tides to the face and a change in the clarity of vision. Virtually any woman can take Nizagara pills. It has many advantages. The drug eliminates any sexual disorders, increases libido, strengthens and rejuvenates the body, restores strength, helps to prepare the body for conception.

Especially indispensable is this drug for frigid women. The feeling of dissatisfaction with this drug in the root will extract forever from a woman’s life. In place of him will come the confidence in the sexual partner and in himself. Not all women can use this medicine. It is important to read the instructions to avoid side effects and death. After all, women with heart and vascular problems, as well as a number of other diseases, this drug is contraindicated.

I would especially like to note that the drug is also contraindicated in the treatment of nitrates. Long-term use of Nizagara pills does not adversely affect the body. The medicine was repeatedly tested. Therefore, it is revealed that the use of the drug does not affect the sexual system in any way – neither on the erection, nor on the nervous system. Moreover, it is noted that people who took this drug for more than one year in a row, improve their erection. Hence, we can conclude that due to this remarkable drug, erectile dysfunction is treated by the course, and also once.

The psychological effect of the drug on men is difficult to overestimate. After all, under the condition of one unsuccessful act, a man subconsciously begins to think that he may not succeed. The favorable effect of the pills can forever rid the feeling of insolvency.

Alcohol and Nizagara pills are two concepts that are closely related. Alcoholic drinks should in no case overlap with sexual life. This adversely affects both women and men, and, of course, the future offspring. So can I take Nizagara pills at the same time as alcohol? If we talk about how the body is affected by the simultaneous use of alcoholic beverages and pills, then not a single fact of negative impact is not noted. However, they should not be taken together. Alcohol negatively affects the nervous system and inhibits it.

In addition, the alcohol affects the erection is not the best way. From here it is possible to draw a logical conclusion with all the following consequences: is it worth taking a remedy to increase the erection in order to “kill” its effect instantly with alcohol? Also, the simultaneous use of these two components can adversely and even very detrimentally affect the heart and blood vessels.

Nizagara pills is a tool that should improve the quality of life, rather than dangerous experiments on one’s own health and human life. There is also an interesting link between the fact that when using Nizagara pills you have to give up not only the excessive use of alcoholic beverages, but too fatty foods.

If a noisy meal is planned, it is better to replace Nizagara pills with Nizagara pills soft. The last drug can be safely applied, absolutely regardless of the amount drunk. If a man wants to keep his erection, then you need to abstain in terms of alcohol.

In our country, impotence is most often associated with fatigue and struggle for survival, drinking alcohol and tobacco. If you take the chemical reactions that occur in the body, when a combination of the main active substance Nizagara pills called sildenafil, then we can conclude that he does not in any way interact with alcohol.

Especially I want to note that alcohol can affect not only the erection negatively, but also the nervous system. Excessive consumption can lead to paralysis. The quantity of alcoholic beverages consumed must be controlled and not exceed the dose. I also want to note a very interesting fact: when Nizagara pills is used in a number of cases, visual impairment is noted. This happens rarely, but it happens. Nizagara pills not only leads to temporary color blindness, but also to myopia or farsightedness and even complete blindness. Pills provoke non-arterial optic neuropathy according to the ischemic type. Eighteen times more often people with this disease have used magic pills. Despite this, the authorities that give the license to sell this drug consider this unlikely and not proven.

In medicine, there are a number of examples that show that a medicine is invented for one purpose, but it may turn out to be acting in a completely different aspect. Experts say that Nizagara pills has a future not only in the main field of application. In some countries, Nizagara pills is used for infertility, both in men and in women. It is known that there are cases when Nizagara pills at the expense of its active substance helps the blood circulate in the pelvic organs and makes the fertilization procedure (IVF) much more successful.

Of course, this does not always work that way, but only in a few cases. Nizagara pills can also help diabetics and other patients who suffer from a slow metabolism. Thanks to pills, food throughout the intestines is moving much faster. With increased arterial pressure, Nizagara pills can help it to normalize in patients who suffer from it. Do not forget that the drug has a number of side effects, and its overdose can cause back reactions.

Muscular dystrophy of the heart affects more than 30,000 people. Experiments were carried out on laboratory rats with a disease called Duchenne’s dystrophy (insufficient amount of protein dystrophin in muscles). The rats were given a dose corresponding to the dosage to achieve the effect of erection in men. This positively influenced the muscle of the heart. Sildenafin, as mentioned earlier in the article, was invented to normalize the pressure and treatment of diseases associated with ENT organs.

In some cases, it really helps those patients who suffer from these ailments. Scientists are thinking of using the drug not only to treat impotence, but also other diseases.

Nizagara pills is strictly prohibited from eating people who are addicted to allergies. Under the control of the doctor, Nizagara pills is used for all defects in the anatomical structure of the penis. With anemia and anemia too, you should carefully take the drug to avoid complications. Here are those ailments that need to be especially careful when taking pills: severe heart disease, patients who have had a heart attack and stroke, low and high blood pressure, pigment retinitis, gastrointestinal ulcer during an exacerbation, liver disease, and other medications along with Nizagara pills .

If a man has at least one of them – it is worth consulting with the doctor, and he will appoint a dose and time of admission. If we talk about the effect on the reproductive system, then undesirable consequences can also appear. Excessive painful erection, which lasts about five hours. This erection often only takes place with emergency honey. assistance. Death with the drug in people suffering from diseases of the circulatory system is most often recorded in the first five to six hours.

The use of the medicine and its effect on the heart have not been scientifically proven. It is possible that people with diseases of the cardiovascular system have no potency, because it is God’s pledge and there is such a pattern, for their own health and prolongation of life on earth. However, it is impossible to officially “blame” Nizagara pills and its manufacturers. The company has never lost a single court to this day. Sexual activity is extremely undesirable for the cores. It is with this, probably, and is associated so many deaths, men taking pills.

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