Nizagara medicine Structure and model of the issue


The main intensive element is nizagara medicine, proposed in the citrate variant .

In the property of additional elements are used : dry calcium phosphate, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose element , titanium dioxide (E 171), triacetin, MCC, hypromellose, paint paint aluminum gloss (E 132), milk sugar .

Release form:


Viagra expands in versiontablets treated with a layer . The pills are in a blister with aluminum foil, which in its own order is in a carton.

Nizagara medicine Pharmacological action

Pharmacodynamics. The drug is considered an oral substance , which is used to cure the pathologies of erection in the stronger sex . The product involves themselves citrate sulfate Nizagara medicine, breeding diphenylamine cGMP peculiar PDE-5.

The physiological system of erection of sexual genital organ consists in the disposal of nitric oxide (NO) in the cavernous body the presence of sexual stimulation. NO activates the guanylate cyclase protein , which is intended as a factor in increasing the degree of cGMP, relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous torso and increase in their monthly inflow .

Nizagara medicinedoes not show a direct relaxing effect in any individual cavernous figure of the face , but significantly increases the effectiveness of NO by suppressing PDE-5, which is due to the decomposition of cGMP in the cavernous torso . If the presence of sexual stimulation is accomplished by the local deliverance of NO, the suppression of PDE-5 by nizagara medicine leads to an increase in concentrationcGMP in the cavernous body , due to what are committed relaxed smooth muscle and increases the influx of menses to the cavernous trunk . Use of Nizagara medicine in suitable portions will be ineffective in the absence of sexual stimulation.

In vitro studies determined , then that nizagara medicine has selectivity relationship PDE5. Its impact inPDE5 most formulated , than in relationship of other popular PDE (in TEN once longer , than in the relationship PDE-6, 80 one time – according to the comparison with the PDE-1, 700 a time – according to the comparison with the PDE-2, PDE-3, PDE-4, PDE-7-FDE- ELEVEN . in particular, nizagara medicine contains a CHETIRESTA once best selectivity relatively PDE5than PDE-3, cGMP kind isoforms of PDE that takes the assistance in the activities of regulation of mental reductions .

Blurred vision The presence of the use of Nizagara medicine in the dose of SRT in individual patients with 1 h revealed (with the support of the “Famsworth-Munsell SRT ” test ) a simple temporary failure to distinguish between the colors (blue / green); by 2 hours after the method substances data pathology disappear . Possible device pathology colored vision considered suppression of PDE-6, which assumes assistance in the course of transmission illumination in the retina . Results of the study in vitro demonstrate , what  result Nizagara medicine a PDE-6 TEN once inferior to its active comparatively PDE5. Nizagara medicine is no way affects the relevance of vision, perception contrast , electroretinogram, intraocular influence, or pupilometry.

Efficiency. The effectiveness of nizagara medicine, which was regarded relatively opportunity substances to ensure the attack and support an erection necessary for the purpose of performing sexual acts , there was demonstrated, and to save the presence of long-term  use of the substance(1 time ).

In finding the presence of a method of Nizagara medicine in batches of twenty-five , fifty , SRT mg improvement of erection observed at 62, 74, 82% in accordance with this . In addition to the improvement of erectile function, the study of the international index of erectile function has revealed , what therapy nizagara medicineom increases satisfaction and a sense of satisfaction with sexual action . The presence of curing nizagara medicineom improvement exist found in 59% of patients sweet diabetes; in patients , who bore an effective prostatectomy – 43%, in patients with trauma of the dorsal brain – 83%.

Pharmacokinetics. Within the recommended dose range, Nizagara medicine pharmacokinetics are proportional to dose. The product is introduced from the body to a greater extent throughbiotransformation in the liver ( the main presence of cytochrome P450 3A4) with raising intensive metabolite with qualities , similar nizagara medicineu.

Suction. Nizagara medicine instantly is absorbed after fashion inwards with improved bioavailability to the conventional 41% (25-63%). Nizagara medicine inhibits PDE-5 protein in vitro up to 50% presence of a concentration of 3.5 nM. Mediocre concentration in plasmamonth  after the use of nizagara medicine at a dose of STO mg approximately 18 ng / ml or 38 nM. The highest concentration in plasma periods seeking by 30-120 minutes (in normal through sixty minutes ) after oral method on an empty stomach . Perfect bioavailability presence method inwardly is 40% (in the boundaries 25-63%). When,if the product is obtained with a greasy food , rate of absorption is reduced and the period achievements highest concentration in plasma monthly increases in conventional in sixty minutes , and the maximum concentration in plasma monthly decreases in normal in 29%, but the level of absorbance does not disrupted (AUC decreases in eleven%).

Distribution. The moderate size of the distribution of Nizagara medicine in the equilibrium stay (Vss) is equal to 105 liters, which indicates its invasion of matter . Just as nizagara medicine, thereby and its main walks N-dismetilovy metabolite about a 96% interlinked with the plasma protein monthly .

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